AC Tax Desk

My newsletters are released every 2 months and contain a summary of what has been happening in the world of tax.  I do not release these if there isn’t anything newsworthy to cover for that period.

AC Tax Desk_Issue No.1

AC Tax Desk_Issue No.2

AC Tax Desk_Issue No.3

AC Tax Desk_Issue No.4

AC Tax Desk_Issue No.5

AC Tax Desk_Issue No.6

AC Tax Desk_Issue No.7

AC Tax Desk_Issue No.8

AC Tax Press

Tax Press is a publication released only if there are significant tax developments that I consider should be brought to your immediate attention.  This is prepared on as much a “real time” basis as possible.

AC Tax Desk – Tax Press (March 2015)

AC Tax Desk – Tax Press (August 2015)

AC Tax Desk – Tax Press (May 2016)

AC Tax Desk – Tax Press (March 2017)

AC Tax News Brief (Chinese)

My Chinese News Brief summaries key tax changes.

AC Tax Property News Brief-Chinese


Helping hatch the stars of the future (LawTalk Magazine (September 2018) – published by New Zealand Law Society).

Blueprint for business  (Acuity Magazine (July 2016) – published by Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand).